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#1 Challenge Yourself


“If something that you’re doing doesn’t challenge you, then it doesn’t change you.” Unknown

1 of 21 success tips.

As humans, we are always going with what makes us comfortable but as an entrepreneur, I have to make myself uncomfortable and do things I wouldn’t normally do so that I can learn and grow.

Honestly, I hate being uncomfortable. Seriously, who doesn’t​. But allowing yourself to be in uncomfortable situations opens up the door for personal growth and development.

Researches show that repetition helps with memory, mixing in new information is important as well. So the next time you’re driving to work or home, try taking a new route. 

Also, any time you have an opportunity to step out of your normal routine, I suggest you take it. Embrace the change and allow yourself to open up to something new.

After all, they say being comfortable with being uncomfortable is the key to success.

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