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5 Renovations You Should Consider Making to Your Home.

Listed below are a few important renovations that can help add value to your home.

#1 Bathroom Remodel:

You don’t have to spend a fortune to update your bathroom but a few updates can add value. Think about replacing your tub, adding tile, a new sink vanity, new flooring, light fixtures, etc for just a few thousands of dollars.

#2 Landscaping:

According to the American Nursery Landscaping Association, homeowners spend around $3500 on landscaping and around $1curbappeal400 on a designer. How to get started? Pinterest is always my go-to source for finding cute and easy DIY projects. Also, check out your local nurseries for more information on choosing the right type of plants. Be sure to add a little pop of color to your landscaping as an eye-catching plus.



#3 Minor Kitchen Remodel:

Do a minor kitchen remodel. Don’t over remodel by changing out your entire kitchen layout. Start with your cabinets. Either paint them white (: or add a fresh coat of stain and clear gloss and don’t forget to change out and update your hardware. Adding modern knobs and handles will give your cabinets a new look. You should also consider adding new appliances, a back-splash, and new counter-tops. If your home is worth more, you should consider marble or granite counter-tops. Definitely something fancy.

#4 Exterior Improvements:

When was the last time your shutters were painted or the house itself? Start with changing out your front door or by simply adding a fresh coat of paint to it. If your shutters are from 1999, then you should consider installing newer and update to shutters or paint the ones you have and make them work. Install beautiful flower boxes near the front windows to add to the curb-appeal. Also, consider pressuring your home and re-painting any white columns or trim for a fresh look. door

#5 Deck, Patio or Porch Addition:

Adding a beautiful deck or extending your porch or patio will definitely draw interested buyers. Add eye-appeal by adding decorative planters on the front porch and patio. Don’t forget to build your fire pit for enjoyment during the cooler months. If your budget allows, you cannot go wrong with a porch swing. Especially if you’re in the South. front porch swing

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