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A Few Things To Consider When Searching For A Home.

There are a lot of moving parts when you are in the process of finding a new home. Here are a few things to consider to make sure you’re in the best position to make your move:
Features: What and Why
It’s helpful to make lists when you’re looking for your next home. Some things are non-negotiable, but others are more flexible. I’ve always found that it is helpful to make a list of what you want, but also include WHY you want it. 
Requirement: Large, open kitchen
Why: Because I host quarterly parties at home for my business. OR Because I have a large family and we love spending time in the kitchen together.
Knowing why you want a specific feature will help you make a smart decisions.
How much can you spend on living expenses? Make sure to include taxes, homeowner’s insurance, utilities, etc in the price. 
How does your credit look? There are lots of free resources like creditkarma.com that will give you legitimately free credit reports along with tips on how to make sure you’re in the best financial position when the time comes.
We both know that life is more than just what happens inside your home. It’s important to take into consideration the things that are most important to you like schools, transportation, recreation, and community. 
With the lifestyle features, it’s a good idea to go through the same process as home features – what and why. 
When you’re ready to talk about the next steps, I’m here to help.


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