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Grow through what you Go through

Good Afternoon!!!

There will be some days and there will be some bad days but with everything in you, keep your faith in God. Life isn’t perfect and it will never be.

Many have faced hard times in their lifetime but chose to turn their pain into a testimony. I myself have faced difficult times but chose to use those times to make adjustments to who I thought I was. To better myself and stand up for myself.

I remember back on when I lost my job. That was very hard for me but it actually turned out to be the best time ever for me. I had to use all I had inside of me to stay true to who I was. To who I knew I was very deep down inside. I could not allow someone else’s decision to tear me apart. I used everything I had to get up and keep going.

I looked back to learn from the situation but I also looked back to make sure I would never forget or ever allow myself to be in a position to be let go again.

I don’t know what you’re going through but I know that you can Grow through it. It takes time, it takes prayer and it takes patience. Trust God and believe in yourself. You can do it and you can make a difference in your life. Whatever it is. Grow through it. Life happens to us so we can build up who we are or to change who we think we are.

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Hi! I'm Candice. I am a real estate agent and fitness professional on a mission to inspire, motivate and educate others to take action & achieve their goals rather its real estate, fitness or something outside of those areas. Thanks for stopping by!

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