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I walked out of my house feeling beautif

I walked out of my house feeling beautiful and confident. Today I was determined to be a different “Candice”. I was determined to silence the voice of negativity. I was determined to get my hands dirty (in my heels) and plant those seeds. I planted those seeds. Germination may take a week or two but I will not stop providing the care that is necessary to harvest beautiful & healthy crops. Success doesn’t happen over night but success takes time. It is hard work. It is working when you don’t feel like it, when you’re sick, broke or broken and tired. Success can take so much out of you. Success is wanting to quit but you keep going. It is missing but trying over until you hit. Success can be defined in so many ways. Write your own definition of success. What does success mean to you? And not what success “looks like” on someone else.

Hi! I'm Candice. I am a real estate agent and fitness professional on a mission to inspire, motivate and educate others to take action & achieve their goals rather its real estate, fitness or something outside of those areas. Thanks for stopping by!


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