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Simple Wall Decor…. Using Wall Baskets

Are you looking for simple and cute ways to decorate your bare walls at home or in your office. Check out the latest trend using wall baskets. I have seen this look on HGTV, Better Homes and Garden and all over social media and I hate to admit, but I actually like it. Now, my husband would say, “don’t find any creative ways to incorporate this trend in our home” insert eye roll lol.

The cool thing about wall basket decor is that you don’t have to be perfect with creating your desired look. Your baskets don’t have to match and in fact, it looks better when you mix and match your baskets.

When creating your desired look, focus on using a variety of style, texture and color. 

The baskets are an excellent wall art replacement.

Wall baskets can be found at your local craft stores, yard sales or even thrift shores.

If you decide to go with this trend, I would love to see your creation. Please send me your pictures to candicesellsrealestate@gmail.com



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