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When one door closes…

Stop staring at closed doors!

Many of us are too attached and too comfortable with our past. When a door closes in our lives, we miss out on opportunities or the purpose for why that door closed. Every day there are opportunities for growth. Not every plan that we have will work out. Sometimes, bad things happens. People fall into hard times but that doesn’t mean that we have to settle. We will not have power or control over those things but we can change our attitude and mindset towards those events and make some changes. I’ve had doors closed in my face and felt lost and depressed. I couldn’t see past what I was so comfortable with. I couldn’t think outside the box or come up with a new plan because I was too attached. Just because a door closes, doesn’t mean that you did something wrong, but just a new opportunity is ready to present it self and you need to be ready, mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Don’t stand there staring at the closed door, but prepare yourself for what could be standing on the other side of that new opened door. It could be something that you’ve never imagined or it could be that thought or idea that you’ve been running from. Whatever it is, prepare yourself. Don’t think about the reasons why that door closed but focus your mind on positive thoughts and become excited about that new opportunity. I understand that there is fear in the unknown, I experience it everyday. We’re human. We all do, But fear can either keep you from living life or fear can be temporary.

Be more aware of your thoughts and stay focused!

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Hi! I'm Candice. I am a real estate agent and fitness professional on a mission to inspire, motivate and educate others to take action & achieve their goals rather its real estate, fitness or something outside of those areas. Thanks for stopping by!

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